5 tips for balancing the work and study

Written by Yazhe Liu

Many students cannot wait to start their career and earn money before they graduate. Some of them may have a full-time job in a café, or an internship in the media when they are in third year. However, it is not easy to maintain the balance of work and study, when the assignment due dates are coming in the same time, they cannot squeeze enough time in for finishing high quality homework or even do their job well. Here are some tips that may be helpful for students to maintain the balance.


The first tip is creating a schedule, making sure when the due date is coming, and that we have enough time to finish it. There are different ways that you can choose to do this. Firstly, timetable is always helpful for improving efficiency as a reasonable plan can boost the effectiveness of work and study every day. To be more specific, the morning before work, arrange some time for reviewing the lecture notes or lecture recording. In the work break, students can type their ideas about the assignment in their phones instead of chatting with friends. On account of that, they can utilize their time in the reasonable way. Additionally, they can set a certain day as a study day, for instance, if the student has the full-time job, the weekend can be set for study. However, as the students of CI industry, we do not have many exams compared with other faculties, the study time should mostly be used for reading or creative homework, which do not demand students to memorize all the theories from the lecture, thus, it should not be too hard to schedule study time.


The second piece of advice is identifying what matters most to you. Not every student has the same goal and same career scope, when they choose to balance their work and study, they should clearly understood which one matters most for them. For example, deciding whether the experience and money they earned from work or the various and useful knowledge that can train them to become the professionals is the most important for them. After students make their decision, they are more likely to have the clear goal. In order to achieve their goal, they will maintain the balance between study and work for them that suit them best.  


Thirdly, it is significantly important to avoid distraction when students are facing the difficulties of dealing with work and study. Managing time in a reasonable way to maintain the balance. Today, the majority of students get distracted by using social media or checking their mobile phones all the time. These things can distract students from the work they may be doing as well as study. This can lead to spending more time finishing tasks. At the end of the day, when the tasks have not been finished yet, students have to squeeze more time for completing this task, which may delay the process of other assignment. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid distractions.


The fourth tip for students to maintain the balance between work and study is do not leave everything to finish at the deadline. Many of students like to finish their essay in one day, but they cannot study the unit concepts and read all the readings, as a result, although they finish their assignment on time, the quality is not as well as expected, and completing a 2000-words essay in one day is not easy. The tip is when the assignment is released, students should start to do the reading or listening to the lecture recording, especially for those who missed the lecture because of work. The aim of starting the task earlier is because students are allowed to have more time for work and make every minute they use valuable.、


Lastly and the most significantly, being busy with work as well as study always means they may not have enough time to take care of themselves, however, their heath is the priority of everything. Spending whole day in front of computer and not eating lunch and dinner on time is not ideal for their stomach. The advice is to do exercise regularly and always remember to have time for food and water. Because if they fail to take care of themselves, it will be problematic for work and study.


Generally, the top priority of being students is study, no matter which one they consider matter most to them and job pressure should not reduce their positive attitude towards their study.

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