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How to Thrive Five Years in the Industry

Buckle up: it’s officially the final podcast for Swipe for More, forever!

In the second instalment of our podcast series, Zoe and I discuss all things you need to know when you’re fully immersed in the media and communications industry. From returning to study to navigating the corporate career ladder, we draw upon industry insights and academic research to synthesise the best tips to help you thrive in the industry.

Listen to the Podcast here

To Graduation and Beyond

Swipe for More is officially back and with two new hosts! In this first podcast of the two-part series, Jane and I discuss all you need to know before graduating from university. From networking to interning and finally, getting a job in the media and communications industry, we talk about it all. But first, in true Swipe For More fashion, we begin with debating all that’s happening in the industry right now. 

Listen to the Podcast here

Virtue Signalling – The Good, the Bad & the Controversial

virtue signalling

The first ‘Swipe for More’ podcast is live! We discussed the concept of ‘virtue signalling’. It is a buzzword that has been thrown around the media in recent years, and we wanted to see where critics have been applying it.

Listen to the Podcast here.

From Egg Boy to Anning: Politics in Social Media

egg boy

The latest episode of MediaMap Brisbane podcast, Swipe for More, is officially live! With the federal election in full swing, this week Elizabeth, Louise, Julia and I decided to chat about the role social media plays in Australian politics. While this may sound a bit boring, trust me, personalities such as Clive Palmer and Egg Boy make it anything but.

Listen to the Podcast here.

The Role of YouTube Today

role of youtube

Buckle in for some bittersweet content. It is with heavy, somewhat-stress-relieved, hearts that we bring to you the third and final episode for this season of the MediaMap Brisbane podcast, Swipe for More.

Listen to the Podcast here.

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