Why journalists concerned with mental health effects, if Brisbane Media Map can link to manage this problem? – Of course, it’s right here.

Written by Malotutoatasi Vaimoso Semaia

Journalist value & mental health causes

Online journalists communicate authentic and completed health information to the public. However, researchers have identified a problem in the lack of full reports from health practitioners detailing mental health issues faced by journalists. This practice has led to journalists suffering depression and anxiety, due to the ineffective ways health news is provided by the doctors for the public (Hollan).

(Bio-communicability and health/journalist, p. 69). Kate Holland’s studies confirmed there is a problem involving mental health existent throughout online media. A journalist participating in her case studies admitted to displaying poor mental health symptoms. The participant said, “to be honest the whole point is the photo, and then secondary to that, the whole point is that, someone can look at that person and say, ‘that could be me,’” (Interview 3. p. 70).

This phrase reveals, mental health can potentially impact journalists’ mental health while working in the field.  

The communication between journalists and health practitioners is not mentioned in this article, however I am offering guidance of how journalists can manage the burden of mental health.

Every human has mental health however some people suffer poor mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Beyond Blue (Beyond Blue) reported, one in six Australians are affected by mental health.  17% (3.2 million) Australians between the ages of 16 and 85 are affected by depression and anxiety conditions. 26.3% (4.96 million) of this same age bracket struggle with these conditions throughout their lifetime. This data proves the prevalence of mental health issues and it is important people are aware of the health problems. We should appreciate and engage with health services and online technology.

Mental Health Management Resources  

Online resources for mental health management are provided by mainstream government health services (Queensland Mental Health). The Queensland Government offer online articles such as “understanding mental health and reduce stigma, counselling and support groups and mental illness.” Beyond Blue is one of the best tools for us to lean on. It provides two resources of “wellbeing” and “supporting yourself” under “Personal best” accessible via the Beyond Blue website. It provides information regarding physical activities, how to create a mentally safe space for yourself and inevitably improve your overall wellbeing.

My Work Backgrounds

Due to Brisbane Media Map’s authenticity, you should understand myself as a writer. I am a mature undergraduate student, studying Media and Communication and Public Health. For nine years I have worked as a Public Health Chronic Disease Educator, Health Coaching and Facilitator at (Ethnic Community Council of Queensland -ECCQ). These roles involve ethnic communities and I work to make them aware of health risk factors that can make them sick or offer guidance after experiencing severe situations. The organisation is working close with Mental Health services through training, assisting clients and referral processes. The service also provides healthy eating and physical activity programs according to the healthy lifestyle (ECCQ CD), which are other components of health management. So, my professional passion can be linked to health services relating to journalists’ mental health management.

Mental Health Acknowledgement & Moving Forward

Mental health within the journalism sector is an issue hard to solve and it takes time to overcome. University students, whether they be future journalists or media professionals, Brisbane Media Map provides online links to valuable resources, if mental health becomes problematic. The website is a place, not only for upcoming media professionals but also people outside the industry seeking mental health resources. Online journalists shouldn’t be discouraging this problem because, depression and anxiety can be managed. Making sure reports by unreliable doctors are kept out of the public domain.  Also, keep raising this issue in the media to attract government attention, organisations and media funding bodies, so they might help. The BMM website has health content to provide helpful information. Take this journalism mental health issue as an example that there is a health need in the media field to be aware of. BMM can provide various contents including health prevention and management. This is the nature of BMM’s authenticity to you, the audience.  

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