What Does 5G Mean For You?

Written by Yee Tung Wong

5G internet would have sounded like an unreachable technology in the past years, but now, it is becoming a reality in our contemporary society. However, there are a lot of people still using the 3G and 4G Internet who are unfamiliar with what 5G internet is. They might not be familiar with what 5G internet is and how this new mobile communication can help the media industry. Therefore, the following content can definitely give you some ideas about how 5G internet will change the media industry in the future.

What’s 5G Internet?

5G internet, in other words, “ is the fifth generation of mobile communication networks.” This is the new technology in the world. Despite the rumour of health risks associated with the 5G networks, many countries are still keen to develop and facilitate this innovative mobile network. 

5G internet, it is the future communication network in our world. “The Asia-pacific region is leading commercial delivery of the 5G technology, for example, Japan, South Korea and China have already announced a timeline for their commercial 5G rollouts.” Although Australia is a bit far behind, they have also started trials and preparatory network rollouts.

5G in Australia

Speed is the major difference between 4G and 5G internet. “5G will offer faster-than-ever speeds for mobile phones and other electrical devices”. “It provides  higher quality of video streaming and is much faster in fixed wireless internet than the previous mobile communication.” Yet, in Australia, 5G internet network is still not a mature and ubiquitous technology at this moment. 

In Australia there are many restrictions on those attempting to roll-out the 5G network.. For instance, “only limited regions and network suppliers’ users are permitted to use 5G internet, and usually, the users need to pay more if they want to give it a try”. Besides, the users’ electrical devices need to be capable to support the 5G technology. Otherwise, no matter how expensive their telecommunication plans they have paid, they still cannot access 5G internet domestically.

Despite several limitations and restrictions of the 5G network in Australia, there are many reasons why this emerging technology could help the media industry. 

How 5G internet can help different sectors in the media industry?

Advertising Sector

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The development of the 5G network,  would change the formats of advertising in more engaging and innovative ways. For instance, advertisers can change their traditional advertising method from banned-based to moving images and videos. Transitioning new styles in advertisements can increase consumers’ awareness and these advertisements can help consumers familiarise with their products or brands, and eventually, influence their purchasing behaviours effectively. After 5G internet matures and becomes more accessible, the advertisers can create an interactive and innovative advertising present style in their ads, for example, merging AR or VR elements into ads, and forming  a new present way to attract audience’s attention.  

Entertainment Sector

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5G internet would make the internet faster-than-ever before.  It will strengthen our connectivity to the internet compared with the 4G network. After the 5G internet becomes more of a mainstream network, the situation of poor connection for a video call or live stream shows will not occur anymore. Without the internet interruption while customers are using smartphones or other devices to watch videos or chatting with family or friends outdoor, it will encourage them to spend more time on video-sharing platforms, such as Netflix and YouTube. 

Moreover, it is beneficial for artists or media companies to organise different collaboration or live shows with artists from the other countries, since the 5G internet is more stable and faster than the network nowadays.

It is undoubtedly that 5G internet is the future network, as the technology for 5G is starting to mature and developed in Australia, I believe this new mobile telecommunication will influence the media industry worldwide on a tremendous scale.

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