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Swipe for More is officially back and with two new hosts! In this first podcast of the two-part series, Jane and I discuss all you need to know before graduating from university. From networking, to interning and finally, getting a job in the media and communications industry, we talk about it all. But first, in true Swipe For More fashion, we begin with debating all that’s happening in the industry right now. 

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1. Instagram Hiding Likes (1:04)

Jane starts us off with her experience of posting an Instagram picture for the first time since the platform hid their likes function. As 66% of Australians aged 18-29 have an Instagram account, we know that you are probably already aware of this change. So we decided to delve deeper and see how it’s impacting the industry right now.

We discuss large and small influencers’ reactions and how it has affected their livelihood. Specifically, Jane brings up the Australian influencer, Mikaela Testa and her experience with reduced user engagement and brand deals. This leads us to question and debate peer-to-peer brand recommendations.

We look further into this, by discussing the concept of herd mentality and its presence on social media platforms. Maybe you’re not consciously aware of this happening to yourself but social proof is clearly apparent on Instagram. We’ve noticed it – admittedly, there have been occasions where we’ve liked a post just to fit in with the general consensus. After all, if everyone else likes it, it must good…right? (spoiler: wrong).

From here, we devised that the interconnectivity and spreadability that digital mediums afford has enabled local brands and smaller influencers to gain globalised success much easier than before. As 97.4% of businesses on Instagram are small, the hiding of likes allows these smaller entities to advertise without the fear that their advertisements will only gain a minimal amount of engagement. We can see it benefiting click-through-rates and sales for small business users. The herd mentality has been eliminated and without a high level of social proof, the number of likes will no longer be a factor in consumers’ decision to support a brand. So if you want to see if we Swipe Right or Left to Instagram hiding likes, make sure to give this section a listen.

2. Quentin Tarantino’s Representation of Women on Screen (10:30)

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Source: YouTube

Tarantino’s new film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has us debating the #MeToo movement and cancel culture. If you don’t know, this movement utilised the spreadability of social media platforms to amplify and voice young women’s experiences in being taken advantage of by influential Hollywood men. Tarantino’s ties with Harvey Weinstein and past admissions of assaulting actress Uma Thurman has us on opposing sides as to whether or not we will support this movie. While I question the toxic culture permeating the industry, Jane takes another angle on why we should be avoiding boycotting in general. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re always told to be critical in this industry, then this segment is for you!

This wraps up our discussion on the industry. From here on, we designed a podcast for university students wanting to enter the media and communications industry but just don’t know how.

3.     Networking Tips (15:30)

If you’ve ever felt personally victimised by the saying, ‘it’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know’ well don’t worry because Jane and I are here to help! Networking can be extremely daunting so we’ve narrowed down some great tips to help you feel confident at your next event. From implementing those tutorial ice-breaker techniques all the way through to where to go to find a networking event for media and communications students, Jane and I provide it all.

4.     Interning Tips (18:55)

Internships are accessible for everyone if you know where to look. But if you don’t, we bring in Karissa Simpson, a fourth year Queensland University of Technology Business and Media Communications student, to ask her all about her experience having done seven internships in the industry. From self-sourcing, to knowing your worth and maybe even meeting a Hemsworth, Karissa gives some great advice which we think every student should know whether they are on their 1st or 5th internship.

5.     Graduate Positions (36:22)

Where do I start to find a job in media and communications in Brisbane? How do I know if my resume or cover letter is appropriate? What do I say in an interview if I don’t know where I want to be in five years time? All valid questions which Jane and I have addressed in this podcast! With our tips, soon enough, you will be on your way to success in the world of media and communications.

For a more in-depth analysis of these topics, please listen to our podcast above and Jane and I will be back next time with part-two. Make sure you stay tuned into MediaMap Brisbane so that you can hear more about how you can swipe your way to success within the industry for our next podcast.  

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