People Skills & Attributes You’ll Need for Your First Media Job

Written by Hannah Steffensen

The process of sourcing and securing a post-graduate job can be daunting. Millions of questions can run through your mind like, what skills are employers looking for? More specifically, what are the skills media students must showcase in the job hiring process and therefore withhold throughout their career? In an industry that is constantly evolving.

It is imperative that graduating media students are at the top of their game, portraying the key skills and attributes needed to be successful in the media and communications industry. However, no matter what kind of position you apply for and potential work as, there are a handful of skills (both soft and hard) that can boost your success in the workplace.

Being a media and communication student myself, currently working in the industry, these are the top skills and attributes I highly recommend you have in order to be successful in the workplace.


“Communication, both verbal and non-verbal strongly affect every aspect of your professional life”(Mavi, 2018). Employers are particularly looking for employees who can communicate information to people clearly and simply. Developing great communication skills such conciseness and clarity, will result in a decline in miscommunication, increased workplace productivity and the development of good workplace relationships.  

Employers also look for confidence, respect and one’s ability to listen. Having these traits suggest you are confident in your interactions with both staff and employees when communication with them, you respect what both parties have to say, and you are willing to listen to other’s opinions and feedback. Overall, the ability to communicate effectively with anyone is imperative to excel in the workforce.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills, also known as people skills, are the skills you use to interact and engage with others (Doyle, 2019). Strongly associated with emotional intelligence and communication skills interpersonal skills are attributes that are used to understand what motivates employers and how they use their skills to achieve results.

Interpersonal skills are greatly evaluated in an interview so it is important to be prepared. Working well with others is imperative for almost every job especially in the media industry. Building internal and external relationships can aid in company networking, gaining clients and successful business management.

Social Media Savvy

The rise of social media in recent years has enabled media companies and businesses to excel ahead of retrospective competition. Not only have these social media channels changed the way content is consumed, professionals are now creating content on social media as a key delivery or campaign for clients. Understanding the importance of social media and effectively knowing how to use it, is a prerequisite for any aspiring young media communications professional.

Willingness to learn

A willingness to learn means being open to new ideas and being able to thrive in new experiences. This can be referred to as personal development as in this modern world we are all required to consistently revisit and update our skills. Change is constant in all workplaces, especially in media, and the most valuable employees are those who embrace change and recognise that it offers many opportunities. Employers generally want people who are resilient, adaptable and flexible to change (Skillsyouneed, 2019).


All professionals have to work in some form of group or team, whether that is team projects or working with clients helping them achieve their mission. You need to be able to share responsibility with others, communicate effectively and achieve a common goal. Relationship building is imperative in media and communications as generally there will always be a team of people working together to produce or promote content for a client.

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