How To Score an Internship Through LinkedIn

Written by Trudie Cross

Step One: List out opportunities you want to apply for

If you are in your first year, this is the best time to investigate and find what you love doing. So list out activities that you like doing or think you would like doing.

Some relevant activities would include:

  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Press Release
  • Design
  • Analytics
  • Film/Video Editing

And much more! You’re just a google search away from finding what you would love doing!

Step Two: Look up other professionals in your field

The LinkedIn search bar would help you find other professionals in your field. It is always a good idea to do your research and scan the market. Find professionals who are doing similar work your are. Look at their portfolios, their websites, LinkedIn profiles, etc. Is there anything you can incorporate?Is there any kind of experience you want to learn or something you can benefit from?

Step Three: Your Portfolio

Look online for examples of other resumes and cover letters that you can learn from, create and modify your resume and cover letter based on what you have learned.

Pinterest is a good place to find different resume designs you can incorporate. Behance is another great place to find examples. You can build your actual resume on Canva or InDesign.

Once you have got your resume and cover letter ready (these two should be tailored for every new job you apply for), the next step is to brand yourself via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is all about branding yourself professionally, but don’t forget to bring in a little gist of your personality!

In short, have a great cover photo, if you’re good at Design, especially Illustrator (canva works well too), use your skills to effectively promote yourself by your profile’s appearance. Make sure your headline details are updated, and in your profile summary, Bring out your personality!

More about building the best portfolio can be found here

PS. Every job counts! Make you you write about your previous work and list essential skills you have picked up on.

Step Four: You’re ready!

Through the LinkedIn search bar, look for opportunities you can apply for. Don’t limit yourself, especially when it comes to internships.

Remember to look for ‘keywords’ in every application, that you can incorporate into your Resume or Cover letter.

More about writing resumes and cover letters can be found here.

A Little Advice:

Work on building your actual portfolio – find skills to learn online. Whether it is Analytics skills, Design or even Writing, there are tons of online courses or videos you can watch to build your skills. is a good source to learn skills in design, written communication, and analytics. Google analytics is a good place to advance your analytical skills.

Moreover, learn to look for skills that are of high demand within your industry and find ways to sharpen those skills!

So don’t stress and keep pushing through! Good Luck!

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