How does Social Media Influence Marketing Communication

Written by Fan Wu

As we all know, the phenomenal growth of interactive digital technology has influenced almost every aspect of consumers’ daily lives. Also, social marketing platforms have become a critical factor in building social signals that are very important in any SEO digital marketing campaign. 

Many large multinational enterprises, such as Kering, Nestle, start to use the power of social media to build a connection with potential customers. In fact, due to the development of digital technology, social media all ready changed the situation of marketing communication, and it has gradually replaced traditional forms of marketing.

However, many new media practitioners don’t have intuitive feelings about how does social media affect progressively in marketing communication and how it offers a broader marketing opportunity in building brand visibility over the web.

Thus, the aim of this article is describing what changes have taken place in market communication under the influence of social media and how does it change the whole mode of media communication.

1. Changing Communication Way

Boris Dzhingarov mentioned, the most important differences that social media have made to marketing communication is it provides a two-way form of communication, which completely differences from traditional marketing methods.

Under the influence of different kind of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, marketers can receive feedback about their marketing strategies immediately from people who get the marketing message and then adjust marketing strategies rapidly to adapt to the popular trending of marketing.

Also, this way of communication allows customers to make interaction with marketers, which assists marketers to have a further understanding of their target customers’ requirements and interests. In the era of traditional media, this kind of this efficient mode of communication can’t be established.

Thus, it reflects that the new communication mode constructed by social media has a positive impact on the development of marketing communication and it makes marketing strategies more suitable for market demand.


2. Developing Company Branding and awareness

Uitz & Nhlapo described, in the twenty-first century, social media has started to replace traditional media’s influential role on young consumers. It means that social media has become an essential tool for marketers to promote their brands amid the youth.

Additionally, social media has other superiority which is developing some interesting and popular content that attract young consumers to interact and disseminate information to their friends. This kind of feature of social media creates a unique social media circle to assist companies to improve their brand image and attracting more people to be interested in your brand reputation.

Also, when companies can get more likes and shares from the social media community, they can widen their marketing audience as well as have a more significant impact on their target customers. Therefore, it shows that social media can help companies build a closer connection with target audiences that improve brand awareness effectively on the social media platform.

3. Marketers and small companies voice can be heard

With the development of digital technology, people can receive any information which they need on the internet more effectively and quickly. The increased usage of social media marketing has ensured that almost everyone has opportunities to watch different kind of interesting advertisements online and see the brand’s viral marketing. This change gives small business and marketers more opportunities to show themselves on the internet.

Because under the traditional forms of marketing, only big corporations had enough budget to afford the high costs of TV and radio advertising and it resulted in big corporations an unprecedented advantage in marketing.

However, because of social media, the cost of marketing has declined. In some cases, social media marketing even can assist small business to achieve better marketing goal and overtake their larger competitors with ease, and the information can be known by more people online.

This feature makes social media, as a useful marketing tool, has been able to advertise information to be customised which suit specific individuals, groups or companies.


4. Creating a new revolution

Actually, in the media industry, advertising, marketing and public relations are the aspects of the business which have been affected the most by social media.  More and more companies decide to decrease budget on traditional advertising such as TV, Radio and spend more money on online promotion.

Also, many companies choose to create their own Facebook, Pinterest or other social media page and get useful information without higher advertising fees because social media allows companies to hyper-target their potential audiences, which assists companies to know the requirements of target customers more accurately.

Compare with a traditional media channel. Social media have absolute advantages. Thus, it brings a revolution which is social media has replaced the role of traditional media in advertising and marketing, and it will become an essential part of the development of marketing strategies in the future.


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