What are the differences of learning media in Australia and Overseas?

Written by Yazhe Liu

Before I started to study media and communication in QUT, I used to learn media production in my country. The way the two universities teach is very different, but if students work harder, it works. In Australis, students have more opportunities in the real practice, the every piece assignment students did helped them practice what they have learned just from the lecture and they usually have more freedom about achieving those homework. Besides, the teachers of Australian do not keep distance with students, I always dare to ask any question to my tutor or lecturer although my English express is not well and I know they will give me the answer I want.

However, when I was studying in my hometown, I felt afraid of asking or questioning my teacher as they usually look serious that make me respect their professional but not easy to close as well. Apart from that, Chinese education about media study more relate to the tv production and journalism, I have learned how to write news in the professional tone and how to film a short movie. The university in my country prefer to offer chances for students to stay creativities by competition, choose few of the best to be rewarded. In QUT, the media study is more about studying social media, focusing on the skills of communication and how social media help marketing. In addition, there are many differences between the education in media study in China and Australia, I will list some of the interesting one in the following article.

Wix vs Adobe Dreamweaver

For those who have studied media design and layout must be familiar with WIX, a tool for producing blog and website. It is easy to use and it provide as much function as the professional web design software. Wix is one of the main tool that QUT require students be aware of how to operate and use it independently by different assignments in the distinguished units. In contrast, I remember when I was studying media production, we have to be equipped with the skills of learning computer code for utilizing Adobe Dreamweaver, it is quit challenging, but when I finished my website in the end of the semester, I learned more than media content publishing. Although, the different universities choose the different tools to train their students know the media publish, the result is similar.


Movie filming VS Photography

When I was studying Media production, one of the core unit demand students use camera and their creative to film a short movie, although what I have filmed was not very appealing, the process of writing, directing and editing have enhance my team-work spirt and allow me to discover my potential ability. In QUT, there are various minor unit for students to choose, from Photojournalism to Introduction to Screen Production, which can help students to more choices in their future career and teach them the skilful knowledge in media industry. By comparing, the two country differently focus on media production in media education, the way universities impart production skills on students is giving them opportunities to make practical practice and enough freedom to be as much creativity as they can be.


Journalism VS Marketing

In terms of this two major, media and communication study tend to combine the marketing as the double degree. However, Chinese media study teach more about journalism to enrich the media study.


History VS the present industry

It is inspired to study Brisbane media map in QUT where I learn the impossible future development of media industry and the present scope of media and communication. Nevertheless I learned how media industry has developed into the one we have now, who have contributed the transformation when I studied media production. No matter what, both of the history and present industry encouraged students to start their contribution to the industry.


It dose not matter where students achieve their media degree, the point is they can learn media industry based on the different culture that will broaden their horizon to some extent. Besides, media is broad concept, different country have the different media focus as political reason, but the skills that teach in the university is similar.

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