How to network effectively and its importance

Written by Robert Waston

In any scenario finding a job isn’t all that easy. The majority of us are at university studying full time and either living out of home or with our parents. We all are trying to juggle a social life as well, which can be very expensive at times. Although, the biggest worry and pressure towards obtaining a job is to pay off that hefty HEX fee that most of us have obtained over the duration of our university studies.

So this raises the question; how am I going to get a job?

Well, it’s simple really, all you have to do is recognize the power and understand the process of networking amongst your peers, relatives, friends and fellow professionals. If done effectively you will be able to gain experience and exposure that will lead to a consistent income and hopefully fulltime employment. It has to be noted though that networking isn’t just about socializing over drinks and cheese, there is actually an art form and secret to it.  To find out how this can be achieved effectively and quickly, I have broken down the three most effective steps in the process and how to apply them professionally.

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Give before you receive

In any scenario when you are asking for a favour, it is important to show your appreciation. This can either be through a physical gift or an invitation to an event, it is vital to show that you are not just using a person, be appreciative! When done skilfully networking can not only open up the door to great business opportunities but can also help land clients and talents for future hiring. Being appreciative towards people in a workplace environment has shown great results in employee behaviour and performance.

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Follow Up and Then Follow Up Again

Once you have been in contact with someone that has said they are aware of a position or someone that may be of some help, make sure to stay in contact with them. This can be easily achieved through 6 simple steps shown below:

This is also an important skill to have when working for a business, as it may be the difference when trying to stimulate a sale or get a partner on board. Finally, I can’t stress enough that if you follow up and the outcome isn’t what you wanted, don’t make a scene, move on to another lead. Follow the Steps!

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Keep Improving your Resume

It goes without saying that a good resume goes a long way. A resume is the best way to make an impactful impression on a potential employer. You have to think of a resume as a tool that markets and promotes yourself. It may seem stressful to most as you may not have any clue on how to make an effective and insightful resume, but certain platforms such as,, Resume-Now and Live Career can be seen as a great platform to get you started.  

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